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The best news, podcasts, and events about the OTT video industry, curated daily by a team of trusted industry executives. A custom news experience – to help inform, educate and empower the streaming media industry.

The best news, podcasts, and events about the OTT video industry, curated daily by a team of trusted industry executives. A custom news experience – to help inform, educate and empower the streaming media industry.

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Quibi: The End Could be Near

Summary by Glenn Goldstein:

Jeffrey Katzenberg (Quibi founder and chairman) has indicated that he may need to shut down the company and sell off the content library. While the mobile-first service introduced interesting product features such as a “Turnstyle” view for seamless full-frame switches between horizontal and vertical viewing, the service hasn’t gained the audience traction it had hoped for.

The Content Battles Are Competitive in the Streaming Wars

Summary by Scott Favelle:

Welcome to my series on an “Intelligence Preparation of the “Streaming Wars” Battlefield”. Combining my experience as a former Army intelligence officer and streaming video strategy planner, I’m applying a military planning framework to the “streaming wars” to explain where entertainment is right now, and where I think it is going.

Poll: More Americans Stream Than Watch Traditional TV, 75% Subscribe to 2+ Services

Summary by Scott Favelle:

Americans streaming habits are changing, according to a new Harris/Roku poll. “Eight-five percent of Americans now stream, and for the first time ever, a majority of U.S. adults report they now spend more time streaming than they do watching traditional TV,” reports Roku Chief Marketing Officer Matthew Anderson. Shifting media consumption has exploded this year, as the pandemic has resulte[…]

The TV Viewership Shift and What it Means For Advertisers

Summary by Scott Favelle:

As part of  IAB UK’s Guide to Digital Innovation 2020 , Samsung Ads look at changing TV viewing habits and draw on latest research to explore how advertisers can utilise this data to inform Connected TV strategies. Television today is practically unrecognisable from what it was even 10 years ago. In the UK, a few choice channels expanded into countless numbers of services. Termed the ‘golden a[…]

Facebook’s Portal TV Adds Netflix to Line Up of Streaming Services

Summary by Scott Favelle:

Facebook announced that beginning today, Portal TV—their a set top device that allows for streaming as well as smart video-calling—will now support Netflix . The new addition is made in anticipation of an unconventional holiday season and a need to keep people connected nonetheless. The service will be available on Portal in all countries where the device is sold. Netflix joins Amazon Pri[…]

Netflix Price Increase Likely – Their First in such a Competitive OTT Market

Summary by Glenn Goldstein:

Wall Street is signaling that Netflix will be announcing price increases for US and Europe in coming months. While Netflix’s first price increase temporarily flattened subscription growth years ago, their most recent price increases had no negative impact on subscribers or the stock price. But things are different now with competitors like Disney+, AppleTV+, Peacock, and HBO Max. Will viewers flee?

Apple Releases Tvos 14 For Apple TV with P.I.P, Youtube 4K, & Homekit

Summary by Scott Favelle:

Apple released their brand new update to Apple TV devices called tvOS 14. The most noticeable enhancement is platform wide support for P.I.P. meaning that you can watch on-demand or l The company has also added support for audio sharing that lets you connect two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV, as well as for the first time, the ability to watch YouTube in 4K.

AWS Debuts Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI) to Reliably Transport Uncompressed Live Video Between Applications

Summary by Scott Favelle:

Today AWS unveiled the AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), a new network technology that allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and AWS Partners to build reliable, live video applications that can connect products and services within the AWS Cloud.

Domesday Delayed for Targeted Advertising on iOS: Possible Pivot to Contextual Advertising?

Summary by Glenn Goldstein:

Apple has given iOS developers and the targeting advertising world a reprieve with their recent announcement delaying the major policy change on IDFA (the identifier that enables targeted advertising). The change had originally been planned for the upcoming iOS 14 release and would disable ad targeting by default and force apps to gain opt-in confirmation from users. As tech platforms continue to react to public and regulatory pressure to protect consumer privacy, we may see a shift away from ad targeting based on tracking identifiers, and more toward advertising optimized for characteristics of the adjacent content.

Mulan Reportedly Underperforms On PVOD 

Summary by Scott Favelle:

The film was initially scheduled for a cinematic release in March, but that was indefinitely postponed when the coronavirus pandemic forced cinemas around the world to shut. Theatres are now reopening across Europe and the US, but Disney made the bold call to launch the film in most markets on Disney+ at an additional cost.